Student's supervision

Afshan Shirkavand, PhD

Simulation of absorption and heat distribution of Diode hair removal laser in skin tissue

Hanieh Mohammad Reza, PhD

Improved images of eye retina angiography for visualization neovascularization at age-related macular degeneration

Mohammad Bari, PhD

Evaluation of effective parameters of fluorophores signal intensityin the tissue-equivalent phantom

Mohammad Ansari, PhD

Investigation of diffusion of Electromagnetic radiation in tissue

Hoda Bokaii, PhD

Desing of confocal microscope for phantom imaging

Hamed Shoghi, PhD

Evaluation of reflection optical imaging characteristics using fluorescence with excitation wavelength at near infrared embedded in different depths of tissue equivalent phantom

Research Projects

  • 2007

    Design and implementation of typical optical system for evaluating depth dependent fluorescence intensity of semiconductor fluorophores in rat

  • 2007

    Lymph node imaging using semiconductor crystal for diagnosis and determining of stage of cancer

  • 2006

    Characterizing point spread functions of wide field epi-illumination microscopy using quantum dot in turbid medium

  • 2006

    Measurement of depth of tumor labeled with a specific fluorescent in a breast phantom using an angled fiber-optic probe