Dr. Sedigheh-Marjaneh Hejazi

Associate professor, Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Email: mhejazi@tums.ac.ir


I am an associate professor at Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Medical Physics. My main research field is Optics and LASER. In the field of optics & photonics, applied and fundamental research merge at astonishing speed. Major scientific breakthroughs, in the field of ultrafast laser pulses for example, will have significant impact on applications in biophotonics, the environment, aerospace, industrial processes and telecommunications. For this reason, the COPL has chosen to organize its research program around 6 major axes (opposite) where scientific and technological development is likely to produce major socio-economic benefit for Quebec in the near future.

Academic Positions

1993  Scientific Member Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS), Medical Physics Department

2005  Promotion to the Post of Assistant Professor 

2008  Head of LASER and Optics Group Research Center for Science and Technology in Medicine of TUMS

2010  Research and Education Deputy of Medical Physics Department of TUMS 

2012  Promoted from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor 

2013  Deputy Education of PhD by Research Student of RCSTM and Medical Physics Group 

2016  Head of Small Animal Imaging Lab of TUMS 

Education & Training

1984-1988  Bachelor of Science of Radiation Technology  Iran University of Medical Sciences

1990-1993  Master of Science of Medical Physics  Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS)

2000-2004  Doctoral Courses  TUMS, Medical Physics Department

2004-2005  Doctoral Thesis  University of Bern, Applied Physics, Biophotonics Department. Under supervision of Professor Frenz. Comprehensive comparison of Laser –induced Ultrasound detection system in view of sensitivity and applicability for medical diagnosis

2006-2006  Visiting Researcher in Nano optics groups  ETH, Zurich, Switzerland

2007-2007  Workshop of small animal imaging  Stanford University

2009-2009  Visiting Researcher  Biomedical Engineering ETH, Zurich, Switzerland

2011-2011  Sabbatical Study  Biomedical Engineering ETH, Zurich,Switzerland

Honors, Awards and Grants

2014 Selected in the 20th Razi Research Festival on Medical Sciences

2010 Selected in 11th Avicenna Festival

2004 - 2005  Bern University. Applied Physics Department, Biophotonics Department

2000 - 2004  Tehran University of Medical Sciences

1990 - 1993  Tehran University of Medical Sciences


A Brief Summary of My Researches: Fluorescence molecular tomography (FMT) is a rapidly growing imaging method that facilitates the recovery of small fluorescent targets within biological tissue. The major challenge facing the FMT reconstruction method is the ill-posed nature of the inverse problem. In order to overcome this problem, the acquisition of large FMT datasets and the utilization of a fast FMT reconstruction algorithm with sparsity regularization have been suggested recently. Therefore, the use of a joint L1/total-variation (TV) regularization as a means of solving the ill-posed FMT inverse problem is proposed. A comparative quantified analysis of regularization methods based on L1-norm and TV are performed using simulated datasets, and the results show that the fast composite splitting algorithm regularization method can ensure the accuracy and robustness of the FMT reconstruction.

Research Interests

Lasers and optics in medicine

Medical Physics


Physics of Medical imaging

Biomedical Spectroscopy

Laser Safety

Student's supervision

1- Afshan Shirkavand, PhD, Thesis title: ''Simulation of absorption and heat distribution of Diode hair removal laser in skin tissue''

2- Hanieh Mohammad Reza, PhD, Thesis title: ''Improved images of eye retina angiography for visualization neovascularization at age-related macular degeneration''

3- Mohammad Bari, PhD, Thesis title: ''Evaluation of effective parameters of fluorophores signal intensityin the tissue-equivalent phantom''

4- Mohammad Ansari, PhD, Thesis title: ''Investigation of diffusion of Electromagnetic radiation in tissue''

5- Hoda Bokaii, PhD, Thesis title: ''Desing of confocal microscope for phantom imaging''

6- Hamed Shoghi, PhD, Thesis title: ''Evaluation of reflection optical imaging characteristics using fluorescence with excitation wavelength at near infrared embedded in different depths of tissue equivalent phantom''

Research Projects

2007 "Design and implementation of typical optical system for evaluating depth dependent fluorescence intensity of semiconductor fluorophores in rat",

2007 "Lymph node imaging using semiconductor crystal for diagnosis and determining of stage of cancer",

2006 "Characterizing point spread functions of wide field epi-illumination microscopy using quantum dot in turbid medium",

2006 "Measurement of depth of tumor labeled with a specific fluorescent in a breast phantom using an angled fiber-optic probe",


Currrent Teaching

1993-1993 Lasers and optics in medicine-Graduate course In the field of optics & photonics, applied and fundamental research merge at astonishing speed.

1993-1993 Medical Physics for Medical students-Under graduate course 

1993-1993 Physics of Clinical laboratory Instruments-Graduate course 

1993-1993 General Physics-Under Graduate Courses 

1993-1993 Ultrasonography for medical students and Phd students 

1993-1993 Physics of Medical imaging systems-Graduate 

1993-1993 Matlab laboratories-Graduate 

1993-1993 Nanobiotechnology 

1993-1993 Mathematics for Medical Physics students 

1993-1993 Biomedical Spectroscopy 

1993-1993 Molecular Imaging 

1993-1993 Laser Safety 

1993-1993 Application of optical imaging in neuroimaging 


Journal Papers

1- Jamali Z, Hejazi SM, Ebrahimi SM, Moradi-Sardareh H, Paknejad M "Effects of LED-Based Photodynamic Therapy using Red and Blue Lights, with Natural Hydrophobic Photosensitizers on Human Glioma Cell Line", Photodiagnosis Photodyn Ther. 2017 Nov 7. pii: S1572-1000(17)30341-1. doi: 10.1016/j.pdpdt.2017.11.002.

2- A.Ebrahimpoor, M.Hejazi "Optimization of optical arrangement of fluorescent molecular imaging to improve the accuracy of reconstruction method by calculating the jacobian matrix", Laser in medicine, In press

3- M.Hejazi, S.Sarkar, Z.Darezershki "Fast multislice fluorescence molecular tomography using sparsity-inducing regularization", J. Biomed. Opt. 2016, 21(2) 026012 doi: 10.1117/1.JBO.21.2.026012

4- M. Hejazi "Accuracy increment of image reconstruction method in FMT using regularization matrices based on structural information", Laser in medicine, 2015

5- Alireza Talkhabi, Marjaneh Hejazi, Reza Fekrazad "Design and evaluation of integrated optical setup for interstitial photodynamic therapy using Monte-Carlo simulation", Lasers in Medicine 2015

6- A.Talkhabi, M.Hejazi, R.Fekrazad "Design and evaluation of integrated optical setup for photodynamic therapy using Monte Carlo simulation and fluorescence molecular tomography", 2015

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1-  "Fluorescence Plannar Imaging Fluovison", US patent and CE in progress

2-  "Fluorescence molecular tomography multislice imaging system", US patent & CE from ESM Italy


1- MA Oghabian, MJ Abolhassani, S Sarkar, M hejazi "Medical Physics for Medical & Dentistry Students", Royan Pzhouh Publication, 2015 | ISBN-13: 8966308600978

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